Average Height Males: 7’4’’ (2.20 m)
Females: 6’10’’ (2.10 m)
Homeland The Vaalikonigreich, Some Vaali Tribes, Caves
Other names Boogeymen/women, Ziikoi (Vaali), Kindfoekh (Vaali, despective)
Important Members None known


Race stats

Attribute Modifiers: Behemoth are physically powerful, but a bit dim up there. They get a +3 bonus to their Strength and Constitution scores, but a -2 penalty to their Intelligence score.

Speed: Behemoth have a base speed of 20 feet.

Scent: Behemoth can sense children who are less than 90 feet away from them.

Strong Shoulders: Behemoth are never slowed by armor. They also count as one size larger for carrying capacity and pushing, dragging and lifting objects

Behemoth Vitality: Behemoth gain 1 extra Health Point per level.

Kidnapper: Children of the opposite sex who are in the line of sight of the Behemoth might cause it to revert to its basic instincts. If a child of the opposite sex is within the Scent range of the Behemoth for at least 3 rounds, the Behemoth needs to succeed in a DC 10 Wisdom roll or be Charmed by the child. This charm ends if the Behemoth falls unconscious or after 5 minutes, whichever happens first. If the Behemoth succeeds in the Wisdom roll, it need not roll again for that child until the next long rest.
The charm will make the Behemoth try to nurse and mate with the target, never using weapons or lethal attacks against the child. If the Behemoth is attacked by anyone but a child during the charm, it gains the “Behemoth Rage” condition.

Behemoth Rage: There’s one thing Behemoth can’t stand. If the Behemoth can see a child who is being threatened by another creature, it needs to succeed in a DC 15 Wisdom roll or gain the “Behemoth Rage” condition. Once the threatening creature is dealt with, if the child is of the opposite sex, the Behemoth is instantly charmed by it, as in Kidnapper. A child never is a threatening creature.
Behemoth Rage condition: The Behemoth gains Resistance against Bludgeoning, Slashing and Piercing damage, and it gains advantage on damage rolls. This condition ends when the Behemoth falls unconscious or when the threatening creatures are dead or fleeing.

Aetheric Anomaly: Perhaps it’s their skin, but Aether can’t quite work with them. Behemoth lose the Spellcasting feature of any class they take. Essentially, they can’t cast spells.


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