Average Height (Hare) Males: 6’1’’ (1.85 m)
(Hare) Females: 5’8’’ (1.73 m)
(Bunny) Males: 3’7’’ (1.10 m)
(Bunny) Females: 3’3’’ (1 m)
Homeland West of the Vaalikonigreich
Other names Hoppers, Hassa (Vaali)
Sub-races Hares, Bunnies
Important Members The Vaalikonig


Rabbits are one of the most numerous races in the World, along with Mice. They’re usually found in the lands of the Rabbit Clan, at the Western reaches of the Vaalikonigreich, although since the coronation of the new Vaalikonig, they’ve become a lot more common on the Vaalikonigreich after leaving their relative isolation from the rest of the Vaali Clans.

Rabbits are known for their inherent luck, which makes them targets for ingredients for black sorcery and ritualistic practices. A very spread belief among Vaali is that marrying (or having sex with) a rabbit, the Vaali’s luck will improve greatly.

These Vaali are classified in two different sub-races: the Hares are as tall as a Human and thinner, while Bunnies are as tall as a Human child, while being a bit chubbier overall. Hares have strong muscles, especially in their legs, allowing them to jump great distances even without running starts. This isn’t true for Bunnies, as their shorter size has left them with weaker muscles.

Race stats

Attribute Modifiers: Rabbits are a very agile race of Vaali. They get a +2 bonus to their Dexterity Score.

Speed: Rabbits have a base speed of 40 feet.

Lucky: When you roll a 1 on an attack roll, ability check, or saving throw, you can reroll the die and must use the new roll.

Acrobat: You have proficiency on Acrobatics, and have advantage on all Acrobatic rolls.

Jumper: Your jump distance increases to triple your original jumping distance, as if under the effects of the Jump spell.

Sub-Race: Rabbits must choose one of these sub-races:


Strong Legs: Don’t be fooled by the Hare’s appearance. Hare legs count as natural weapons dealing 1d6 damage.


Small: Bunnies are shorter than most Vaali. They are Small. They roll with a disadvantage while using weapons with the Heavy quality and they can use Medium creatures as mounts.

…but good at a brawl: Bunnies can move through creatures of Medium size and larger.


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